Product Code: PS2003

Shear Comfort Cushion It – for seat or wheelchair – 46 x 55cm

Brand: Shear Comfort


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Shear Comfort Cushion-It

  • The Shear Comfort Cushion-It attaches securely to a chair seat or back to provide enhanced comfort.
  • For wheelchair users, it allows greater freedom of movement by avoiding uncomfortable friction and shear associated with vinyl covers.
  • Portable comfort where needed: Adjustable hook and loop straps on the back of the Shear Comfort Cushion-It allow for it to be fixed on any seat or chair back to improve seated comfort.
  • At home, at work, or on the go: Ideal for users who are seated for extended periods. The Shear Comfort Cushion-It can improve a seat by making sitting more comfortable, for longer.
  • Comfort with soft, thick wool: The Shear Comfort Cushion-It is made from XD1900, meaning extra density wool woven at 1900g per sqm, giving it a consistently soft and thick wool weave throughout for better comfort.
  • Moisture reduction and perspiration regulation: Wool can wick away moisture from the skin, and each natural wool fibre has air redistribution properties.
  • Machine washable at 80+ degrees Celsius: The fabric-backed material on which the wool is woven makes it easy to wash at 80+ degrees Celsius, making it hygienic.
  • 50 washes guarantee: Shear Comfort targeted protectors have a guarantee of up to 50 washes, before deterioration.
  • Size: 46 x 55 cm.
  • Ideal for use in a wheelchair, chair, car seat, or even over a back support to provide comfort when seated.
  • Machine washable.
  • Indoor & outdoor use.
  • Promotes airflow.
  • Natural wool with fabric backing.
  • Wool wicks away moisture.
  • Size: 46 x 55 cm.