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Shear Comfort Sheepskin Single Bed Size Overlay

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Shear Comfort Single Bed Overlay

The Shear Comfort Single Bed Overlay offers full head-to-toe coverage, which means you can immerse your whole body in the softness of wool. This overlay is designed to cover a single bed mattress completely. Natural sheep’s wool is very comfortable, soft and thick, which feels great on the skin.

  • Extra dense wool for added comfort: The Shear Comfort Single Bed Overlay is made from XD1900 – extra-density wool woven at 1900g per sqm. This process gives the overlay a consistently soft and thick wool weave throughout, for added comfort.
  • Can aid quality sleep and regulate perspiration: Each wool fibre has air redistribution properties which makes the overlay breathable. As far back as 1984, Dickson reported that a wool underlay decreased restlessness and improved sleep quality (Kiyak et al, 2009).
  • Silent pressure care: Shear Comfort Overlays can provide relief from discomfort and noise associated with plastic-based or alternating pressure mattresses.
  • Machine washable up to 80 degrees Celsius: The fabric-backed material on which the wool is woven makes it easy to wash up to 80 degrees Celsius – for a hygienic wash.
  • 50 washes guaranteed: Shear Comfort overlays have a warranty of up to 50 washes.
  • Size: 187 x 92 cm.
  • Colour: White.
  • Ideal for use on a single bed to provide comfort to targeted areas as well as the full body.
  • Machine washable.
  • Indoor use.
  • Promotes airflow.
  • Natural wool with fabric backing.
  • Wool wicks away moisture.

Available in:

  • Single
  • King Single
  • Double
  • Queen
  • Size: 187 x 92 cm.
  • Color : White.