Pedal Exercisers

Integrate rehabilitation exercises into your daily routine by investing in one of our pedal exercise machines from our online Access Health store today. As one of the best ways to work out your lower and upper legs as well as your arms, foot pedal exercisers are the perfect solution for those who need a low impact option that will help improve their mobility and strength gradually.

Strengthen Your Arms & Legs With Our Exercise Pedals

Whether you’re looking to build strength back up in your hamstrings, calves, quadriceps or your glutes, core, back and arms, we highly recommend checking out our range of pedal machines to assist you on your physical rehabilitation journey. Through its unique pedaling motion, these devices will help you work out all the core muscles in the affected area, allowing you to safely build up muscles while also improving blood circulation.

Diverse Range Of Pedal Exercise Machines For Sale Online

If you’ve recently undergone knee replacement surgery or are looking to stay active as your get older, our pedal exercisers are the perfect solution for you. At Access Health, we highly recommend purchasing a pedal machine to assist with your joint rehabilitation, especially after an invasive surgery. For those dealing with knee pain or arthritis in the knee, the foot pedal exerciser will help improve and maintain your joint health.

Foot Pedal Exercisers For Rehabilitation Exercises

When it comes to finding the right exercise pedals that suits your specific recovery needs, our team here at Access Health are ready to assist you. Since 1978, we have been the supplier of high quality floor pedal exercisers for medical centres, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals and aged care homes all across Australia. We pride ourselves on being able to provide all our customers with some of the best, medical grade products and equipment that can be easily used at home.

Easy To Set Up & Use Floor Pedal Exercisers

Certified to the International Quality Standard, our range of foot pedal exercisers have been designed and built to assist you on your rehabilitation journey. Portable, easy to set up and use, these machines are a convenient solution for those looking to perform daily workouts from the comfort of their own home.

Get In Touch With Our Team Now To Enquire About Our Pedal Machines

At Access Health, our wide range of gym and home fitness equipment is perfect for those looking to maintain their physical health as they get older, or for those who need to rehabilitate their joints post surgery.

To find out more about our pedal exercisers, please give our fantastic Access Health customer service team a call on 1300 659 540 today.