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Access PRO Pedal Exerciser with LCD monitor

Brand: Access
Access Health


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Key Features

Elevate your fitness experience with the Access PRO Pedal Exerciser with LCD monitor, a premium device designed to offer comprehensive upper and lower body workouts from the comfort of your chair.

Perfectly suited for:

  • Enhancing muscle strength
  • Expanding range of motion
  • Boosting conditioning
  • Refining coordination
  • Stimulating circulation

Designed for versatility, this exerciser is adept for both table-top and floor activities, supporting both forward and backward movements to ensure a full-spectrum arm and leg exercise.

The robust pedals serve dual purposes as ergonomic hand grips and straps for heightened comfort and security. Remarkably silent, it allows for discreet use under a desk without drawing attention.

A sophisticated resistance control knob affords users the ability to personalise their workout intensity, facilitating a tailored exercise regime. Whether seeking to intensify the challenge for progressive training or aiming for a cardio-centric session by lessening resistance, this exerciser adapts to your needs.

Progress monitoring is simplified with a sophisticated exercise computer functions, displaying:

  • Duration of exercise
  • Calories expended
  • Distance covered
  • Total mileage

Designed to withstand rigorous use, this exerciser is an ideal choice for professional settings and equally fitting for personal home fitness routines. The use of running shoes for pedal operation is advised to maximise safety and performance.

Each Access PRO Pedal Exerciser with LCD monitor is accompanied by a detailed assembly manual and instruction guide.

Dimensions: length 53cm, width 46cm, height 36cm.

Dimensions: length 53cm, width 46cm, height 36cm.