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Airex Hercules Exercise Mat – L2000 x W1000 x D25mm – Blue

Brand: AIREX


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With the AIREX® therapy mat Hercules, there is no limit to the variety of therapeutic single or group exercises you can perform. It is mainly used when high comfort is desired. This quality is guaranteed with its thickness of 25 mm. The high buoyancy makes them the preferred mat for therapists and patients in hydrotherapy.

Intended purpose

The AIREX® products are designed as a movement therapeutic aid for both institutional and domestic use. An object lying on the floor serves as a support for a person during medically indicated and prescribed exercises to improve motor skills and balance. AIREX® products are also used for postural control and/or for the therapeutic movement treatment of muscle weakness in the limbs and trunk as a result of a neurological or orthopaedic disease.

Key Features

  • Ultimate comfort: insulating, soft, and warm with excellent high damping properties
  • Highest security: optimal stretch, flat-lying, robust, non-slip
  • For Indoor and Outdoor use: weather-resistant
  • Longevity: extremely robust with high dimensional stability

AIREX use a unique technology for all products to prevent build-up and breeding of bacteria or fungus. This is to grant you complete hygiene protection.

Available Sizes (approx.)
2000 x 1000mm

Thickness Options (approx.)