Product Code: MC2535

Plinth Medical – Oncology Treatment Chair

Brand: Plinth Medical

Developed specifically for Oncology, this dual column chair features vertical lifting to minimise space requirements and provides all the benefits of a mobile transport chair or patient trolley, with all electric profiling in both modes. The chair has a safe working load of 250kgs and additional clinical benefits such as electric CPR, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg tilt, battery back-up and auto-return to chair set-up position.

Seated Mode

The combination of electric height, tilt and backrest operation allows various seated and semi-seated or reclined positions to be achieved. Such positions can be for the benefit of the patient or for achieving the required position for the treatment or examination that they are undergoing. The seated position can be set for patient transport or for short waiting periods between clinics and appointments etc. The armrests provide ample width to fully support the arms in seated or semi-seated positions. Additionally, when the backrest angle changes, the armrests change angle accordingly for patient support and comfort.

Trolley Mode

The Oncology chair can be quickly configured into the transport trolley mode for patient positioning during rest or recovery periods or for transport from clinic to clinic or to other locations around the hospital. The wheel system has central locking and steering facility for transport procedures in both the seated or trolley modes.

Trendelenberg Tilt

The Trendelenburg tilt facility is electrically operated with a range up to -20 degrees.


In the event of an emergency, the Oncology chair has an electric CPR function to re-position the couch as quickly as possible for this procedure.

Adjustable Headrest

The fully extending headrest can be adjusted to the required length to suit the individual patient. The ratchet release mechanism is quick and easy to operate. A matching easily adjustable and removable head support cushion can also be added to provide additional patient comfort.