Product Code: MC2052

Plinth Medical – 503E 3-Section Manipulation Couch

Brand: Plinth Medical

A very strong and versatile three-section couch featuring an adjustable angle backrest and foot section support for positioning the patient for various sitting or lying procedures.

Key Features

  • Adjustable angle backrest for supporting the patient in a sitting position
  • Positive and negative adjustment of backrest angle (-20° to +85°)
  • Adjustable foot section from -20° to +85°
  • Choice of electric or hydraulic height operation
  • Retractable wheel system provides easy movement and positioning
    of the couch
  • Low patient transfer height of 47cm (18”)
  • Footswitch as standard & hand control is optional
  • Breathing hole and plug for prone treatment

Standard Options

  • Battery Backup
  • Paper Roll Holder
  • Fold Down Side Support rails


  • Length: 183cm
  • Width: 63cm
  • Height: 47 - 97cm

    • Length: 183cm
    • Width: 63cm
    • Height: 47 – 97cm