Product Code: MC2405

Plinth Medical – 511 Tilt Table Variable Height

Brand: Plinth Medical

The Standard Tilt Table provides a wide choice of features and options to meet both the clinical and budgetary requirements for various rehabilitation departments and clinics carrying out tilt table procedures. This model features electric operation of height and tilt adjustment from horizontal to a full 90 degrees for patient “walk off” procedures.

Standard Features

  • Electric Operation: Hand switch control of height and tilt angle
  • Foot Board: Single fixed footboard. Option of dual adjustable
  • Safe Working Load: 250kgs (550lbs or 39 stone) approx.
  • Patient Harnesses: Set of 3 ‘quick-release’ patient harnesses included as standard
  • Patient Handgrips: Adjustable height (Removable) handgrips included as standard
  • Height Range: 58cm to 100cm (23” to 39”)
  • Tilted Range: Horizontal to 90 degrees. Inclinometers fitted each side
  • Wheel System: Large 125mm twin wheel independently braked castors
  • Hoist Access: Clearance for mobile hoist – 13cm (5”)
  • Upholstery: Deep pressure relieving design with antimicrobial vinyl
  • Dimensions: Upholstery 186cm x 70cm (73” x 28”) Overall 200 x 85cm (L x W)
  • Warranty: 5 Year warranty on mechanical and electrical parts. Lifetime on frame


The tabletop has a tilting range from horizontal to a full 90 degrees for patient “walk off” procedures. For this procedure, the table can be lowered in its vertical position until the footboards touch the floor, for added stability. The patient harnesses can be quickly removed to start the “walk off” procedure.


The table has a low transfer height of 58cm and raises to 100cm for tilting operation. Removable patient handgrips are included for tilting procedures.


The fixation rails are indexed to help secure the patient harnesses and handgrips squarely.


The table has angle indicators fitted on both sides of the table so that they can be clearly seen when raising the table from either side.


The optional worktable has a clear Perspex top with angular adjustment and provides support for the upper limbs as well as a recreational aid for the patient during tilt table sessions.
A set of 3 patient harnesses are included as standard. There is a large strap for the knees and narrow belts for the hips and upper body. They are quickly secured or released with seat belt clips.

Optional Accessories

  • Battery Back-Up
  • Patient Table
  • Divided Leg
  • Adjustable Backrest
  • Dual Footboards
  • Upholstery Colours
  • Patient Harnesses
  • Head Cushion

Overall Dimensions

  • Length: 200cm (78”) approx
  • Width: 85cm (33”) approx
  • Height: 58cm-100cm (23”-39”) approx.

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