Product Code: CP2305

Kinetec Centura Shoulder CPM Machine

Brand: Kinetec

Kinetec Centura Shoulder CPM 1 motor

Range of motion:

A - Abduction/adduction: from 20° to 160°.
D - Shoulder Flexion/extension: from 20° to 180°.

The Kinetec Centura Anatomical Shoulder CPM Machine is the ideal choice for hospital shoulder rehabilitation.

  • Quality and number of movements
  • Synchronisation system
  • Flexible and evolutionary machine
  • Soft chair for patient comfort

Provides post-operative passive range of motion.
Prevents joint stiffness, oedema, soft tissue contractures and muscles atrophy.
Patient set-up is anatomical, comfortable and quick with a colour-coded set-up system.
Programmable hand control allows pre-programming of 16 different protocols.
Change for right and left is easy.
Breaks down for convenient transportation; also includes a carrying case for detachable parts.

Technical Data:

  • Patient sizing: from 1.4 to 2m
  • Maximum user weight: 130kgs
  • Load reverse ensures patient protection when excessive force is exerted on the joint
  • Adjustment of the inversion force: 6 levels
  • Possibility to block the adjustment of the parameters
  • Resetting of the parameters when changing movement to allow an incompatible range of motion with the patient condition
  • Automatic movement (continuous) or manual
  • Function detection of the maximum patient range of motion (manual mode or By-Pass mode)
  • Adjustment of the session time: from 1 minute to 24 hours
  • Pause in movement limit: from 1 second to 15 minutes
  • Adjustment of the speed from 50 to 140° per minute (5 levels)
  • Possibility of customisation and storage of 16 rehabilitation programs
  • Dimensions: 56cm x 100cm x 76cm (variable height)
  • Voltage: from 100 to 240Volts 50/60Hz
  • Electrical power: 50 VA
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Dimensions: 56cm x 100cm x 76cm (variable height)