FlexiOH® Short Arm Immobilizer Cast




Washable orthopaedic Immobilizer for immobilization of wrist joint and closed fractures at radius-ulna.


  • Non-displaced /Stable /minimally displaced /Buckle fracture of distal radius fracture
  • Carpal bone fracture other than Scaphoid /Trapezium
  • As a removable splint during rehabilitation

FlexiOH® short arm immobilizers are designed for distal radius/non-displaced/stable fractures or carpal bone fractures other than scaphoid fractures.

This breathable, washable and lightweight (~300 gm) immobilizer provides better comfort to the patients compared to conventional casts.

For the application of FlexiOH® short arm immobilizer, healthcare professional first need to apply it on the patient’s hand with the zip and then cure it with the Rizycure® light device (recommended) or direct sunlight for around 3-10 minutes depending on the size of the immobilizer.

Once it is rigid, cut the puller of the zip with pliers so that patient can not remove the immobilizer by themselves.

FlexiOH® short arm immobilizer comes in 5 different sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium Large and X-Large.

All of the immobilizers vary in terms of palm circumference, wrist circumference, and arm circumference.

For the best fit of FlexiOH® short arm immobilizer, taking the measurement of patient’s hand is necessary before application.



SIZE CHART (in cm)
Size vs Measurement XS S M L XL
Palm Circumference: 13 16.5 18.5 21 23.5
Wrist Circumference: 11 14 16 18.5 21.5
Arm Circumference: 18 21 25.5 28.5 32
FlexiOH® Cast Length: 24 28 30.5 34 38

* Above sizes fit better as per dimensions mentioned in the table.
* However FlexiOH® adapts to an oversize to certain extend by stretchability.
* We advise the healthcare professionals to choose the size for patient’s comfort.

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