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Bauerfeind MalleoLoc L3 Ankle Brace

Adjustable orthosis for one-sided stabilisation of the ankle



Adjustable orthosis for one-sided stabilisation of the ankle

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MalleoLoc® L3 – slim fit orthosis for multi-stage treatment of the ankle

During everyday movements and minor sporting activities, the MalleoLoc® L3 protects the unstable ankle and prevents recurring sprains. Its special feature: the orthosis can be adjusted in its protective function, meaning it can supplement multi-stage treatment or support patients with chronic conditions who sometimes need more, sometimes less stabilization. Since its plastic shell is positioned exclusively on the side of the lateral malleolus (side of the ankle facing away from the body), it is particularly slim. Therefore, the orthosis fits in narrow shoes.

Three stabilising elements – three treatment solutions

The MalleoLoc® L3 combines a one-sided stabilising shell and straps with a muscle-activating compression support. The anatomically shaped L shell is positioned on the lower leg above the support, sitting in front of the lateral malleolus, and extending slightly across the instep. It is fastened at the lower leg and the foot using two non-elastic VELCRO Brand Fastening System. This means the orthosis protects the ankle from incorrect movements which may cause recurring sprains. The foot’s natural heel-to-toe movement is supported. If the need for stabilisation reduces, the shell can be removed first, and the lower strap can be attached to the support. The strap provides an additional protection against spraining. Without strap, the support offers indirect stabilisation due to its massage effect during movement. In addition to reduce swelling, it activates the muscles, and contributes to better coordination.

Slim fit for daily use

The MalleoLoc® L3 must be worn in shoes to stabilise the ankle. The integrated support and the shell fitted on one side are anatomically shaped. Together, they are so slim that the orthosis fits in sports shoes and even business shoes. The inside of the shell is soft and comfortably padded, and features an easy-care microfiber top cover.

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