Product Code: AP3200

Xcite2 Clinical Station – iFES for Leg, Arm, Hand and Trunk

Brand: Restorative Therapies
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Xcite2 Clinical Station is a portable, multi-channel FES therapy system. Easy-to-use pre-programmed activity libraries deliver sequenced stimulation through up to 12 stimulation channels. Xcite2 assists patients to perform task-specific, strengthening, and gross motor activities. Xcite2 evokes coordinated muscle contractions in upper extremity, lower extremity, and core muscle groups. Xcite2 FES activities are easily integrated into conventional physical and occupational therapy programs to enhance patient outcomes. Xcite2 can be used in the clinic or at home with a wide range of patient indications, providing a continuum of care.

Coordinated iFES-evoked movement patterns

The repetitive practice of task-specific, functional activities has long been a cornerstone of physical and occupational therapy rehabilitation programs for patients with neurological impairments or muscle weakness. In response to clinician feedback, Restorative Therapies developed Xcite2, a system designed to be easily integrated into traditional therapy interventions. Xcite2 was developed to be a complementary task-specific modality to work in combination with our other massed practice therapy systems.

Xcite2 enhances the impact of the traditional therapeutic activities that support muscle re-education by:

  • Enhancing active muscle contractions
  • Dynamic, reciprocal movement patterns for normalised input
  • Providing patient feedback
  • Four libraries with over 40 functional activities

How it works

The Xcite2 iFES Clinical Station provides a variety of coordinated, iFES-evoked dynamic movement patterns available in four therapy libraries:

  • Hand Activities
  • Upper extremity Activities
  • Lower extremity Activities
  • General Activities

Examples of therapy protocols that can be performed with the Xcite2 include:

  • Grasp and release
  • Feeding
  • Transfers
  • Heel slides
  • Sit to stand

Each therapy protocol has the correct sequenced stimulation pattern to perform the prescribed activity. The Xcite2 also has on-screen guides for electrode placement to facilitate setup and visible and audible cues to assist the completion of each pattern.

Clinical Station Components

The Xcite2 iFES clinical station includes:

  • A battery-powered stimulator with up to 12 channels of iFES that can be used on or away from the therapy cart
  • A mobile therapy cart that holds electrodes, cables, and accessories
  • Remote activation and control of therapy

Therapy System Key

A. Easy-to-use touch screen and software

B. Battery-powered stimulators

C. Therapy cart

D. Locking and easy move wheels