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RT300 iFES Cycle

Brand: Restorative Therapies
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RT300-SLSA for Clinic: iFES for Arms, Legs and Trunk - (AP3147)

RT300 is the Restorative Therapies flagship product line that includes four different versions depending on your needs:

  • Leg | Arm | Core
  • Leg | Core
  • Arm | Core
  • Paediatric Leg | Core

It combines therapeutic modalities to create complex integrated functional electrical stimulation (iFES). iFES incorporates functional electrical stimulation (FES) integrated with task-specific or motor assistance/resistance activities to optimise therapeutic goals.

The proprietary software provides real-time biofeedback, data tracking and sophisticated control algorithms that are designed for a wide range of neurological impairments.

All RT300 devices are physician-prescribed, FDA Class II medical devices.

How it Works

The RT300 motor combined with FES, provides repetition with assistance or resistance to replace the function of your weak or paralysed muscles.

The motor can facilitate arm or leg movement in a circular motion to recreate physical work in conjunction with FES-evoked muscle contractions.

The motor assistance or resistance is measured and adjusted through smart software to keep you safe, productive, and progressing through each session.

In addition, activity-based therapy (ABT) is a patterned activation of paralysed or weakened muscles to recover a specific motor task.

The primary goal of ABT is the recovery of motor and sensory function below the level of injury, which can be achieved by repetitive activation of a damaged neuromuscular system. The repetitive motion promotes neuroplasticity and muscle re-education.

A typical 12 channel 30-minute Restorative Therapies iFES therapy session will activate muscles thousands of times.

RT300 is the Restorative Therapies flagship product line and includes different versions and models depending upon the targeted body part and who the user is (individual or practitioners).

  • RT300-SL
  • RT300-SA
  • RT300-SLA / RT300-SLA for Clinic
  • RT300-SLSA / RT300-SLSA for Clinic