Product Code: AP2230

MOTOmed muvi


MOTOmed® muvi Leg and/or arm/upper body trainer with simultaneous movement.

Uniquely simultaneous MOTOmed muvi users can train either separately or simultaneously with their legs, arms and upper body. The speed and resistance of the leg and arm/upper body trainer can be separately adjusted. The holistic MOTOmed movement can effectively improve muscle strength and mobility, as well as ideally strengthen the cardiovascular system.


  • Simultaneous training, separately adjustable training modes for leg and arm/upper body trainer Colour touch display (12.1”), rotatable, inclinable
  • Plastic-coated safety foot shells with fastening straps
  • Plastic-coated handle · Rotatable arm/upper body trainer, adjustable in height and distance
  • Plastic-coated handles with quick release system
  • 2-stage pedal radius adjustment (7 cm or 12.5 cm)
  • Sturdy all-metal construction, high quality and stable, with telescopic front stand
  • Easily movable with large castors (Ø 15 cm) · Integrated operating film
  • Serial interface, USB interface
  • Colour: white/chrome/black
  • Leg guides with plastic-coated calf shells (pair)
  • QuickFix foot fastening system (pair)
  • Hand fixation by wrist cuff (piece)


  • Passive, Assistive and Active Training
  • Simultaneous training of leg and arm/upper body trainer, separately adjustable (concurrent, simultaneous training)
  • Individual arrangement of operating keys possible
  • Electronic foot insertion aid
  • Speed from 1 to 60 rpm (passive)
  • Resistance from 0 to 20 (active) · Motor power from 1 to 10 (passive)
  • Pre-setting of therapy time from 0 to 120 minutes
  • Movement Protection & SpasmControl
  • Safety stop · SymmetryTraining of leg and arm/upper body trainer
  • Quiet, gentle and harmonious cycle movement (SmoothDriveSystem)
  • Gentle starting and stopping of the movement
  • Therapy and motivation programs
  • Detailed biofeedback during and after training
  • Export of training data and import of own training programs
  • Games & videos
  • Slideshow via USB (delivered without USB stick)
  • Language selection