Product Code: G-TM1250

Stainless Steel 7 Drawer Resuscitation Trolleys – 6 Half Drawers and 1 Full Drawer with 1 x Lockable Drawer

Option Price Quantity
800 x 490 x H1050mm - (TM1250)
900 x 490 x H900mm - (TM1255)
1000 x 490 x H900mm - (TM1260)

Tribute Stainless Steel trolleys are “fill welded”, meaning no gaps, no caps, and a design that meets the highest standards possible for infection control. All models are made with 304 Medical Grade Stainless Steel.

  • All top surfaces are fill welded to prevent infection control problems. (For effective infection control do not use caps on frame pillars)
  • All frame pillars are fill welded and polished to a billet finish.
  • For improved infection control, all rails at the back and sides are fill welded, without any fitting hole drilled into the pillars.
  • All drawers have soft self-closing runners, which prevent the drawers from flying open when nursing staff hurry to a patient.
  • Our large trolleys have full under-bracing support for all shelves providing maximum stability and support.
  • All heights are to the top of the work surface and not rails.

Tribute Stainless Steel Dressing Trolleys:

  • Fitted out with differing numbers of drawers and shelves based on client needs and requirements, our dressing trolleys allow nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other medical practitioners to conduct on-the-spot dressing or re-dressing of wounds.
  • Multiple options are available including a difference in size, number of drawers, locks, or type of castor wheels. 

TRIBUTE 7 Drawer Stainless Steel IV Set-Up Trolley

  • 6 x Half drawers 125mm deep, 1 lockable
  • 1 x Drawer 250mm deep
  • Full under bracing support for all shelves providing maximum stability and strength
  • Double safety folds to all shelf edges
  • Work surface with 3 rails
  • 125mm castors, two locking castors
  • 304 Grade stainless steel
  • 125mm Satin finish


  • Drawer Dividers

Dimensions: W x D x H

750mm 490mm 900mm