Product Code: CD2651

Sphygmomanometer Self Inflating – Digital Model

Brand: Access
Access Health


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Self-Inflating Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with digital display

Key Features 

  • 2 x 60 Measurements
  • Automatic Inflation
  • WHO Blood Pressure Classification Indication
  • Temperature Indicator
  • Approved by British & Irish Hypertension Society
  • IHB Detectable (Irregular Heart Beat)

Please note

  • Protect this device from high temperature, high moisture and direct sunlight
  • If the device was stored in a cold place lower than ice degree, please put the device in a warm place for at least 1 hour before use
  • Don't use or store this device close to fire or heater
  • Avoid strong shock and vibration
  • Remove the batteries if the devices is to be stored for a long time. Keep the batteries far from children