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ERKA Switch Sphygmomanometer Aneroid Manual Inflate

Brand: ERKA


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Sphygmomanometer with Adult Cuff and Stethoscope - (CD2254)
Sphygmomanometer with Child, Infant And Neonate Cuff - (CD2257)

Based on ERKA’s specifications for a modern blood pressure monitor, and in close cooperation with physicians worldwide, ERKA. – a pioneer in blood pressure monitoring – has developed the ERKA. SWITCH 2.0 Comfort. Outstanding in quality and precision, convenient in operation and handling, impressive in efficiency and advantages, and responsible in managing environmental resources – the modern standard, defined by ERKA.

Features & Benefits

  • Comfortable handling, outstanding ergonomics and simple adaptation for left or right-handed use thanks to its flat construction
  • Replaceable manometer housing with a reusable hand hold
  • Brass valve screw works smoothly and is adjustable to exact settings
  • User-friendly valve cap for ease of use, even with gloves
  • Latex-free