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Shear Comfort Sheepskin Short Slipper Boot - Pair

Sheepskin Slipper - Pair



Sheepskin Slipper – Pair

Ideal for indoor use and in bed where the whole foot is at risk of ulcers. The large tongue and generously sized Velcro straps allow for both normal and swollen feet. Size: XXS, XS. S. M, L XL,XXL #SCSSB

Comfort® is a range of advanced medical grade lamb’s wool products for skin
care and foot care.

They provide comfort, aid
restful sleep and provide protection from skin breakdown. This is as they
utilize the natural properties of wool; distributing pressure, dissipating heat
and water vapour, reducing friction and shear forces making it a good skin interface.
They are also easy to wash and maintain.

Shear Comfort® products
incorporate Australian Medical Sheepskins, and Shear Comfort® XD1900, an
innovative and advanced woven wool product that boasts a density of 1900gsm
along with 30mm of pile. Most other woven wool products range from 300-500gsm.
This density also contributes to improved comfort.

The Short Slipper Boot Classic is
designed to provide full foot protection, and is ideal for using indoors and in

hook and loop strapping and tongue flap down the length of the upper part of
the boot ensures it is easy to put on and adjust throughout the day or night,
providing adaptive protection and comfort. The Short Slipper Boot Classic has a
heightened ability to mould to the foot, and can be comfortably worn in bed.
The boot design ensures that the bony prominences of the ankle are fully
protected as well as the foot plantar surfaces and heel, ensuring comfort and
protection when worn in bed, or with your feet up.
All Shear Comfort products are machine washable, and guaranteed against
deterioration for up to 50 washes.
The Short Slipper Boot Classic is sold in pairs, and is available in Shear
Comfort Natural (Sold in pairs.).


Easy to Put on and Adjust

The Short Slipper Boot has Velcro straps
across the heel and the top of the foot to make it easy to put on and remove,
and can be adjusted to accommodate for foot swelling.

Soft Sole for Comfort

The Short Slipper Boot has a soft sole,
making it perfect for using in bed or with your feet up.

Full Foot and Ankle Protection

The Short Slipper Boot surrounds the
entire foot and ankle for complete foot protection.

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