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Sensy Ball 10cm (Pair)



Soft textured massage balls – pair

Soft textured massage balls - pair

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Sensy Balls are made of a soft PVC foam and are available in 3 sizes

The Sensy Ball by Gymnic is gentle to the touch and the little bumps stimulate various pressure points while providing a good grip.

It was originally designed for massage, reflexology, hand therapy, and relaxation exercises but therapists found that kids love it. The Sensy Ball is an excellent toy for all children because they love the tactile experience of this bumpy ball.

The Sensy Ball also makes a great occupational therapy ball for children with poor ball skills, the bumps make the ball easier to catch and can give kids more confidence in their abilities

Available in

  • 10cm Diameter (Pair)
  • 20cm Diameter
  • 28cm Diameter
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