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Activ Roll

Brand: Fitball


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The Activ-Roll Massage Tool is a small inflatable roller with soft bumps over it for a comfortable massage. It helps stimulate better blood circulation as it is rolled over your body as you use it for massage, reflexology, relaxation and skin tightening exercises. As you ease away tension in your body with the Activ-Roll Massage Tool, it also gives a general feeling of wellbeing and calm. Being that it is an inflatable tool, you can adjust the level of inflation to achieve your desired firmness of massage.

The Activ-roller Massage Tool is an inflatable product that is grey, 15cm long and 6.5cm in diameter (max 7.5cm). The pump is not included, but you can buy it here.

Made with latex and phthalate-free PVC. Class I Medical Device compliant with 93/42/CEE regulation.

Note: As with any inflatable, this tool should not be used on any surface containing sharp, pointed objects due to the risk of puncture.

All our products come with a one-year supplier warranty. Colour- grey
15cm long and 6.5cm in diameter (max 7.5cm)
Made with latex and phthalate-free PVC.