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Sens’o’Roll – 50cm Diameter x 80cm Long – Orange

Brand: Fitball


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The Sens’o’Roll is the same shape as the Physio Roll, but instead of a smooth surface, it is covered in smooth bumps which give the user a firm grip and gives additional tactile stimulation and a pleasant massage.

Its double ball design makes it easier to use than a traditional gym ball since its movement is limited mostly to forward and back, with minimal side to side movement, giving greater stability during exercise.

The Sens’o’Rolls’ wide saddle shape and controlled movement means it is able to be used by people of all ages and abilities. It is ideal for those with balance and coordination difficulties, physical limitations, and a great rehab tool for the elderly. The therapist can sit on the wide ball to control the patient's movements on it.

This inflatable double ball with bumps is 80cm long, 50cm wide and comes in the colour orange. It has a recommended maximum weight of 120 kg, with a tested load capacity of 300 kg.

The pump is not included, but you can buy it here.

Made with latex and phthalate-free PVC. All our products come with a one-year supplier warranty.

Note: As with any inflatable, this ball should not be used on any surface containing sharp, pointed objects due to the risk of punctures and bursts.

Please ensure you use the correct pump to inflate the ball as advised above. If you use the incorrect pump, it may not generate enough pressure to inflate the ball to its maximum diameter.

  • Double ball with bumps - 80cm long, 50cm wide.
  • Colour - orange.

Recommended maximum weight - 120kg Made with latex and phthalate-free PVC.

  • Double ball with bumps – 80cm long, 50cm wide.
  • Colour – orange.