Product Code: G-FT3105

Podotech Clearly Adjustable Heel Lifts – All Sizes

Brand: Access
Access Health


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Small - (FT3105)
Medium - (FT3110)
Large - (FT3115)

New high-tech heel lift; the Clearly Adjustable delivers maximum comfort. So comfortable, it's transparent underfoot! Height can be adjusted from 2 to 12mm by peeling and replacing 1mm layers, and the lift is easily trimmed for fit with scissors.

Placed under the insole, the multi-layered material quickly moulds to foot and shoe, so both shoes fit and feel alike. The lift creates no additional bounce or heel motion in the shoe, unlike foam rubber or gel materials, and will not compress in use.

This firm but conformal behaviour makes the Clearly Adjustable lift ideal for sports uses such as running or golf.

Small: up to 5 ½ UK
AU up to 5½ (Men)
AU up to 7½ (Women)

Medium: up to 8 UK
AU up to 8 (Men)
AU up to 10 (Women)

Large: 8+ UK
AU 8+ (Men)
AU 10+ (Women)