Product Code: G-FT2715

ICB Rearfoot Wedges – Pack of 10

Brand: ICB
ICB super Biomechanics
Option Price Quantity
2 Degrees - (FT2715)
4 Degrees - (FT2720)

Rearfoot varus additions can be used to increase the inversion of the orthotic when moulding to NCSP (when the amount of pronation is in excess of 5°).

Rearfoot wedges can also be used to reduce a patient’s pronating over the arch of the orthotic.

If required, before heat moulding the orthotic, attach the addition to the medial aspect of the plantar surface using double-sided tape. Then proceed with the heat moulding process.

Sizes: 2° & 4°

  • Sizes: 2° & 4°