Product Code: 8-5000014

Original Backnobber ® II



Trigger point Self Massage tool

Trigger point Self Massage tool

Use the Original Backnobber II to break up deep muscle knots in the neck, shoulder, upper and lower back.

The Original Backnobber®II massage tool is constructed of durable, fiberglass reinforced Nylon and carries a full, satisfaction guarantee. The Original Backnobber®II is used by hooking one of its curves over a shoulder or under an arm and using its leverage to apply firm, deep pressure to knots in the muscles of the neck, shoulder, upper and lower back and to nearly any other location where muscle soreness may occur.

Comes with a 35-page, fully illustrated User Guide.

  • Can be used by all size athletes.
  • Made with durable fiberglass reinforced Nylon.
  • Designed with locking mechanism to be easily taken apart for storage.
  • Compact enough to fit in a gym bag.





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