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The acuBack is an incredibly versatile self-care tool that naturally relieves muscle and joint pain, enhances athletic performance and improves posture.

The acuBack's patented heatable design keeps you sitting upright and effectively releases back, neck, leg, thigh and hand tension, making you feel better 100% naturally.

You can heat up the acuBack by microwaving it for 90 seconds (a heat ring for this is included) or you can boil it in hot water for approximately 12 minutes. Once heated, the acuBack will provide approximately 1.5 hours of soothing heat.

  • Zero effort is required. Simply find that special spot and let your body gently melt over the acuBack.
  • Provides a deep penetration.
  • No need to roll or body plank with this device.
  • Perfect for your lower back, neck, legs, thighs, shins, hands, pubic bone, calves, forehead & cranium.
  • Helps to release shin splints, quads, hamstrings and calves.
  • Durable construction. This device is water-filled, latex-free & hypo-allergenic.
  • The acuBack also includes a heating ring to help with microwaving, as well as an easy start guide with instructions and tips for use.