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ICB Orthotic Blue F/L Junior

Blue Medium Density Full Length


Blue Medium Density Full Length

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ICB Orthotics come in various types to suit each individual need.

Four densities: Soft, Medium, Firm and Dual density 2/3, Full Length, Dress Cut, High Heel design, Kids coloured Covered and non-covered

The Blue Density is the medium density EVA, it provides an excellent support, useful for patient weighing between 65-75kg with a medium pronation.


  • 5 degree Intrinsic Rear Foot Varus Angle: for the best angle for optimum performance.
  • 42 degree Sagittal Inclinator: allows balance and co-ordination together with pelvic control and stability.
  • Triangular Shaft: enables weight to be dispersed across the individual bones of the foot through its unique Weight Distribution System (WDS).
  • 100% EVA: combines a long "construction memory" to retain shape and a unique non-slip surface for greater control.
  • Closed Cell Construction: no air bubbles means there is no compression or distortion.
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