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APT Active Passive Trainer with Hi Lo Stand



Active Passive Trainer – Clinical Model

Active Passive Trainer - Clinical Model

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The APT 1 is an electrically-powered trainer, operated by hand or foot pedals, with varying levels of resistance for Active exercise, and movement - both forwards and backwards - at regulated speeds, for Passive exercise.

A unique auto reverse feature ensures that in the event of a muscle seizure during exercise, APT senses that the pedals have locked and gently reverses direction to release the affected muscles.

Main features:

  • Active and Passive training for upper or lower limbs
  • Workload dependent or isokinetic exercise
  • Five levels of resistance for Active exercising
  • Five speeds for Passive exercising
  • Adjustable crank arm height and length
  • Auto reverse feature 4-2000015

The APT 5 serves individuals with limited or no muscular power (i.e. spinal cord injuries, MS, Polio, CP, ALS, Dialysis, etc.).

The APT-5 can be operated in either ACTIVE mode at varying degrees of resistance or in PASSIVE mode at adjustable speed and torque levels.

While the machine is in PASSIVE mode, it is possible to combine both PASSIVE and ACTIVE training by using physical effort in conjunction with the electrical operation of the motor.

#4-2000047 The A.P.T. Hi-Lo version is a multipurpose exercising machine for an upper and lower limbs training. A.P.T. Hi-Lo is available with all models of the APT. The A.P.T. Hi-Lo is an ideal solution when used frequently for both upper and lower body.

The A.P.T. Hi-Lo is fully accessible to wheelchair users and is equally comfortable to use from a standard chair.

Main features:

  • Internal counter balance spring enables the APT to be set at any working height without effort.
  • Rear transfer wheels enable the unit to be moved easily.
  • APT Hi-Lo is shipped "knockdown" and is simple to assemble. #4-2000048
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