Product Code: UL2066

3pp Oval 8 Sizing Set

Brand: 3pp


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A precise fit yields the best treatment outcomes. With one of each of the 14 size Oval-8 Finger Splints, the Sizing Set allows you to quickly and accurately determine which size fits comfortably and securely on the finger. Great for small clinics that want to size a patient and order on an as-needed basis.

Product Features:

  • The Oval-8 Sizing Set includes one each of the fourteen sizes, 2 through 15
  • The easy-to-open ring keeps the splints organized and makes it easy to choose a size or range of sizes to try on your patient
  • Once the correct size has been determined, simply order the splints in single or mixed-size packages

Caution: Oval-8 finger splints are not recommended for children under age 4 as they may cause choking if swallowed.