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Therapod Standard Back Support



Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support

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Therapod Backrest and other Inserts complete the full picture of the Therapod system.

It is able to cater for all back support needs.

The Therapod's unique design makes it suitable for all types of automobile seats. It fits both bucket and bench seats, and customises the seat to your individual comfort.

he elastic straps provide excellent comfort and effectively relieve the jolts and jarring motions of travelling.

The Therapod is portable and lightweight enough to be utilised anywhere.

Its versatility extends from driving or travelling to work at the office, relaxing in a lounge chair ... or in any seat that does not provide enough comfort or support


Neck Support on High Back Model
The neck support can be added to the high back Therapod for added cervical support. It is adjustable and can be used either in a convex or concave manner.

Coccyx Seat
The coccyx seat relieves sciatic and coccyx discomfort. It also helps stabilise the pelvis by tilting it forward, particularly in car seats. The seat easily attaches to the STANDARD and HIGH BACK Therapod

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