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This pack is good for:Tummy ache, Encouraging sleep, Warming the bed

This pack is good for:Tummy ache, Encouraging sleep, Warming the bed

This soft toy has a hot Therapack tucked inside a pocket at the back. The cover can be washed. The toy is very cuddly to help children get to sleep. Over-hot and potentially scalding hot water bottles are a hazard of the past.

Therapacks™ are made of durable cotton fabric, and filled with high quality, specially selected Australian Lupin — which produces unscented moisture when heated in a microwave.


  • Lupin neither sprouts nor becomes rancid
  • Keeps the heat longer than other brands
  • Eases pain, stiffness and tension
  • Creates a relaxing effect after a stressful day and improves general
  • Can be used easily at home or in the workplace
  • Relaxes sore muscles after acute injury eg, sports and fall-related injuries
  • Relieves premenstrual cramps and eases discomfort while breast feedin
  • Warms you up on a cold night
  • Reduces sinusitis pain
  • Is made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly natural products

This unique heat pack is specially designed for young children who find the direct heat of other packs uncomfortable. The cuddly toy contains a heat pack tucked inside a pocket in the back to provide comforting warmth.

The toy is soft and comfortable to allow children to fall sleep with it and can be a great help for stomach aches experienced by children. This has been a favourite with parents, and even teenage girls who use the pack during winter.

To use, remove the heat pack from the pocket, warm it in a microwave for 45 seconds, then replace it in the pocket and secure with Velcro.

This pack is good for: Tummy ache Encouraging sleep Warming the bed Features High thermal capacity Hypo-allergenic Reusable Natural odourless, pest and mould-resistant lupin core Hand washable fur cover Removable heat pack

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