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Rehab Pro Multi-Functional Wrist Trainer

Brand: Access
Access Health


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The Rehab Pro is a unique wrist exerciser which offers a variety of functions and possibilities to strengthen and mobilise the wrist, forearm and affiliated muscles. This is a multi-disciplinary tool and can be used in sports, physical therapy and rehabilitation.


  • Exercisers and mobilises flexor and extensor
  • Large range of exercise options
  • Light weight
  • Easily adjustable for comfortable positioning of any sized arm
  • Reduction clip prevents overexpansion
  • Reduction clip prevents overexpansion
  • Adjustable resistance permits constant pressure while exercising and provides a way to measure your improvement
  • Features cushioned inner surfaces for increased comfort


  • Strengthens and mobilises muscles of wrist and forearm to support rehabilitation after surgery and post-traumatic conditions or for stoke patients.
  • Strengthens and mobilises muscles of wrist and forearm for strength training.