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OtoForm K2 (KC) – 800gm (584ml)

Brand: Access
Access Health


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Otoform-K2 is an impression silicone used for moulding interdigital wedges, separators, dorsal toe protectors, and ortho-digital splints. It is a soft and easily kneadable impression material, which when used with the 'catalyst hardening' paste achieves a putty-like consistency. It remains in this form for a period of time ranging from 1-5 minutes.

During this time, the practitioner can fabricate a device into shape before the setting begins. Otoform-K2 is perfectly smooth, making it easy to work with. The non-greasy formula is particularly pleasant to handle and popular with patients. It is clean, comfortable when worn, durable and has a pleasing colour for the patients.

This makes the product popular with both podiatrists and patients alike. We supply Otoform in 800g tubs with a scoop and a hardener.

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