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NeuroTrac® Obstetric Tens

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One of the main reasons parents-to-be consider a TENS machine is because it’s a drug-free alternative for pain management during labour

According to Ross, the TENS unit’s ability to reduce pain sensation may be helpful in alleviating mild pain during labor. Some evidence points to the control it allows women to feel, which consequently reduces pain. It also provides a distraction from the contractions.

TENS therapy may also help reduce the dreaded low back pain that seems to strike so many women during the third trimester.

Neurotrac  Obstetric TENS

  • Dual channel Digital Obstetric TENS unit for simple and non-invasive method to decrease pelvic pain when in labour.
  • Dedicated Labour Pain programme for use with Remote Boost switch for additional pain control at times of intense pain.
  • No known side effects for mother or baby
  • Clear bright backlight LCD allows the display to be read more easily in low light or dark conditions.
  • Keypad with bigger buttons for ease of use.
  • Compact, light and reliable


  • Dual channel: individually isolated circuits.
  • Amplitude: 0-90 mA into 500 Ohm load ; indication only. Actual mA will tend to be less than indicated due to electrode impedance: at 1000 Ohms load (Electrodes in poor condition) the maximum will be limited to 70 mA, at 1500 Ohms load the maximum will be limited to 65 mA.
  • Type: Constant Current, maximum output voltage 180 Volts +10 / -30 Volts.
  • Waveform: Asymmetrical, rectangular bi-phasic with zero DC current.
  • Pulse width: 220μS [2% accuracy].
  • Pulse Rate: 90Hz (Continuous mode) [2% accuracy].
  • Mode: Continuous (Boost mode).
  • Burst mode: Bursts of 9 pulses [200 μS] at 150 Hz, repeating twice every second (Rest mode).
  • Ramp up Time: 0.8 seconds from Rest to Boost.
  • Time duration: continuous until switched off.
  • Low Battery Indicator: If the battery goes below 6.9 volts +/- 0.2 volts the battery symbol will flash on/off once every second.
  • If the battery voltage is below 6.6 (+/- 0.2) volts the unit will not turn on.
  • Open Electrode Detect: If an open circuit is detected at the output of channel A or B the output current will be reset at zero.

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