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Natures Gift Heat Wheat Hot/Cold packs



Adjustable with spur plug for shock absorption

Adjustable with spur plug for shock absorption

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NATURES GIFT WHEAT product features:

Ready in minutes from your microwave ove

No-mess cold packs straight from the freezer

Comfortably moulds to the shape of the body

Durable and long lasting, for all the family

Made from only top quality materials

Manufactured to strictly quality Australian standards

Therapeutic Goods Register Heat Wheat products are included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as Grade 1 medical devices ARTG Number 92379.

All heating and care instructions come with the packaging and times of heating are woven into the labels sewn on the products

The wheat used in the manufacture of HEAT WHEAT products is treated with our exclusive 'ULTRASHEILD' process to be free from weevils, mould, allergenic dust and moisture induced growth. The unique seven stage treatment process gives the wheat it's far superior temperature retention properties. Each treated batch is inspected and approved by the Australian Quarantine Department and the University of Qld in association with Department of Primary Industry to meet their requirements before we take delivery of the wheat.

The wheat in HEAT WHEAT products is organically treated and does not contain harmful or dangerous chemicals, it will not grow, rot or go mouldy. Once you have tried an original HEAT WHEAT product, we are sure you will not want to live without one. The comforting penetrating moist heat these products give is far superior pain relief than any other type of heat pack.

When used as a cold pack they are equally effective for treating injury or reducing body temperature caused by fever or heat stress

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