Product Code: G-AP2155

MOTOmed Letto2

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Letto2 - Supine Model - (AP2155)

The MOTOmed letto2 is ideal for early mobilisation from intensive care. Patients can use the MOTOmed letto2 to train the lower extremities in a passive, motor-assisted, and active mode, from a hospital bed or a therapy chair. It provides a well-rounded therapy to patients in stationary care.

Key Features

  • Leg trainer with pedal radius 7.0 cm
  • Big handle bar for an easy slide and positioning
  • Chassis with big castors and manual width adjustment
  • Bed mount for a stable hold and a safe training
  • Pneumatic height adjustment
  • Horizontally adjustable toward the patient
  • Rotating operating panel
  • MOTOmed SmoothDriveSystem with a gentle startup and rundown
  • MovementProtector & SpasmControl
  • Speed regulation from 0 to 60 rpm (passive)
  • Regulation of motor power from 1 to 10
  • Preset a therapy duration from 0 to 120 minutes
  • Big, user-friendly operating panel; colour code system and big, easy-feel buttons
  • Language selection between 27 different languages