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Jamar Plus+ Digital Hand Dynamometer – 200Lb, 90 Kg

Brand: Jamar


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Jamar Plus+ Digital Hand Dynamometer

Ideal for routine screening of grip strength and initial and ongoing evaluation of clients with hand trauma and dysfunction. Body constructed from aluminium with a scratch resistant UV coating.

The readout displays isometric grip force from 0 - 90kg.

The unit's easy-to-read LCD display can be set to display pounds or kilograms.

The Jamar Plus Digital Hand Dynamometer also Features :

  • Digital Load Cell Technology.
  • Rapid Exchange Testing with audible signals and automatically calculates the Average.
  • Standard Deviation and Coefficient of Variation.
  • With a low battery light indicator and a two-minute automatic shut off feature it helps conserve the battery power.
  • Uses two AAA batteries.
  • Comes in a reusable storage container.