Product Code: OM2705

ITO OE210/220 Outcome Evaluation System

Brand: ITO
ITO Pyshiotherapy and Rehab

Outcome Evaluation systems OE-210 / OE-220

OE-210 Dynamometer & OE-220 Tissue Hardness Meter/Algometer Combo

Displays muscle force, hardness and degree of pain in numerical values to allow objective evaluations. Helps ensure efficient, high-quality therapy.

"Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM)" has become the mainstream guiding principle in the medical field around the world, promoting improvements in medical treatment by clarifying causes and providing scientifically-based treatment.

To help lay the foundations for EBM, ITO has developed outcome evaluation systems that numerically displays the effectiveness of a particular therapy. These devices express muscle force, soft tissue hardness and pain as number values to permit objective evaluations. Up to now, assessments of these qualities have been subjective.

ITO's new outcome evaluation systems help provide persuasive evidence for the effectiveness of a course of treatment and contribute to efficient, high-quality courses of therapy.


The OE-210 uses a dedicated measuring device to convert muscle force into a numerical value. This allows objective evaluations of muscle force and eliminates problems of subjective assessments.

OE-220ITO's proprietary measurement method*

The OE-220 uses a proprietary measurement method that allows the examiner to apply consistent pressure and obtain accurate measurement results. The OE-220 outputs the average value of five measurements to correct for any momentary deviations in measurements. *PAT.P

Two functions one unit

The OE-220 can be used as both a tissue hardness meter and an algometer. The ergonomic design promotes accurate measurements.

Compact, lightweight unit with Bluetooth link

The compact, lightweight unit with Bluetooth link can be used easily in clinical applications for rapid evaluations of therapy effectiveness. A carry bag is also available for easy portability.

* A printer for Bluetooth link isn't included in the standard kit

Tissue Hardness Meter

By expressing the hardness of soft tissue as a numerical value, the OE-220 allows objective evaluations of the effectiveness of a course of therapy for muscle damage and other disorders, as well as objective assessments of muscle fatigue.


ITO's proprietary measurement system allows pain to be expressed as a numerical value for objective evaluations. Numerical values can be used as indices to assess the effectiveness of a course of therapy, eliminating reliance on the subjective pain assessments and helping to promote more efficient therapies.

The patient switch transmits a signal for instantaneous measurement determination

Easy Wireless Printing of Measurement Results by Bluetooth link

The CITIZEN branded CMP-10BT printer should be used with this system. Comfirm the Radio Law of your country before use. The printer isn't in the standard kit.

The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks be ITO CO., LTD. is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owner

Power supply DC 9V battery (non-rechargeable type)
Power consumption 500mVA 15% or Lower
Safety class according to IEC 60601-1 Internally powered equipment, Type B
Measurement detection section Max. 100 kgf load cell x1(OE-210) Max. 20 kgf load cell x2 (OE-220)
Weight(main unit) 350 g(without battery)

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