Product Code: G-IS3305

Eggserciser – All Levels

Brand: Eggsercizer


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Extra Soft - Orange - (IS3305)
Soft - Green - (IS3310)
Medium - Blue - (IS3315)
Firm - Plum - (IS3320)

The ergonomically-shaped Eggsercizer® Hand Exerciser provides an effective means to rehabilitate and strengthen fingers, hands and wrists.

Small and easy to use, it can be used anytime, anywhere, increasing patient compliance.

The Eggsercizer can also be heated and chilled if necessary.

Hot or Cold Therapy

Heating the Eggsercizer in a container of warm water for 3 to 4 minutes prior to activities can improve peripheral circulation in the hand and fingers by affecting the widening of the blood vessels within the muscular system. Chilling the hand exerciser in the refrigerator can reduce hand swelling and desensitize painful areas.


Eggsercizer is available in 4 color-coded resistances from extra-soft to firm.

  • Orange - Extra Soft
  • Green - Soft
  • Blue - Medium
  • Plum - Firm
  • Orange – Extra Soft
  • Green – Soft
  • Blue – Medium
  • Plum – Firm