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Box & Block Test – with 150 Coloured Wooden Blocks

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Access Health


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Key Features

  • Portable manual dexterity and hand function test
  • Used to generate a baseline measurement of gross motor coordination
  • Can be used for testing the effects of cognitive disabilities or hand injuries
  • Tests are quick and easy to administer
  • Comes with coloured wooden blocks, a stopwatch, and the wooden box carrying case

This kit is a portable version of the standardised Box and Block Test. The test is easy to administer and measure while providing consistent feedback. It is a great way to test for several neurological disorders.

Administering the Test

Place blocks in the side of the box nearest to the hand being tested. Then have the patient move the blocks individually to the empty side of the box as quickly as possible for 60 seconds. The blocks are to be picked up and over the partition in the centre of the box.

Neurological Disorders

The Box & Block Test is ideal for diagnosing neurological disorders including strokes, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, fibromyalgia, and more. It is the perfect kit for any physicians to take on the go.

Width: 30.4mm

Width: 30.4mm