Product Code: OC2070

ARAT – Action Research Arm Test

Brand: ARAT

‘Action Research Arm Test' Kit is effortlessly portable and supplied complete with all the components and resources required to conduct a valid, reliable and reproducible outcome-measure assessment of upper-extremity motor status in accordance with established protocols.

Your ARAT test kit fits neatly into a hard, protective plastic carrycase, together with the lightweight, aluminium testing table-shelf and the roll-up equipment layout mat.

Please be advised that we are now manufacturing all of our ARAT Kits using hard plastics, acrylics and polyethylene to replace wood and metal components.

Not only will this ensure that our ARAT Kits remain fully recyclable, durable, hygienic and attractive, but also reduces the immediate need for us to raise prices in a climate of ever-increasing manufacturing costs.