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Accu-Trend ® PLUS Glucose Cholesterol Monitor Kit

Brand: Accu-Chek


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The two lead parameters of metabolic disorders on one whole blood system:

Glucose and Cholesterol

Fast, easy and reliable on-the-spot determination of blood glucose and cholesterol directly from capillary blood.

Measuring cholesterol is just as easy as measuring glucose.
Accutrend® Plus is most suitable for accurate on-site screening, diagnosis and therapy monitoring of metabolic disorders in your office.

Accutrend® Plus is also suited for home use of patients under medical supervision.

The benefits at a glance

  • Ease of use: Measuring cholesterol is just as easy as measuring glucose.
  • Prompt results:
  • Glucose: 12 seconds
  • Cholesterol: 3 minutes
  • Simple, handy coding with factory-provided bar code strip.
  • Test strip storage at room temperature (2 - 30 °C).

Easy-to-use memory function for reliable monitoring:

  • Up to 50 glucose and up to 15 cholesterol values can be stored with the date and time of measurement.
  • Accutrend® Plus in Primary Care
  • Facilitates health check-up
  • Supports therapeutic recommendation/compliance
  • Ideal for near-patient testing directly from capillary blood
    Check your patient`s metabolic cardiovascular risk factor profile within 3 minutes! Regular monitoring of blood glucose and cholesterol values helps to detect and to control diabetes and lipid disorders.

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