Product Code: OC2041

9 Hole Pegboard

Brand: Access
Access Health

The 9 Hole Pegboard is used to test fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. With this test quality of movement and speed can be observed as the patient manipulates the pegs into the pegboard holes.

Key Features

  • (1) Square 8” / 20cm pegboard
  • (14) Pegs stored in two compartments within the board; pegs measure L 1.5” x 0.25” diameter / L 3.8cm x 0.64cm diameter

Dimensions: L 20cm (8") x W 20cm (8") x H 8cm (3")

Weight: 0.45kg (1lbs)

How To Use

  1. Test the dominant hand first. Position the pegboard next to the hand being tested and place the pegs next to the pegboard.
  2. Perform a non-timed practice test. Have the patient pick up the pegs and place them in the pegboard (one at a time) using the hand being tested. Repeat until all 9 holes are filled. The pegs can be placed in any order.
  3. Perform a timed test. Repeat the testing method used for the non-timed test, but this time start your timer when the patient touches the first peg. Stop the timer once the last peg hole is filled.
  4. Reposition the unit next to the non-dominant hand and repeat the timed test.

Dimensions: L 20cm (8″) x W 20cm (8″) x H 8cm (3″)

Weight: 0.45kg (1lbs)