Product Code: SS2048

Wheelchair Heavy Duty Scale

Brand: Access
Access Health

Wheelchair Heavy Duty Scale – MS3830

CM-IIV830 - This wheelchair scale has a high load capacity and can easily be transported on its high-quality rolling castors. With its large, extremely flat and non-slip platform, patients can be weighed sitting in a wheelchair. The CM-IIV830- wheelchair scale is designed especially for people needing assistance while being weighed and works in a variety of applications including veterinary scale

Product Description

Tare key for taring subject weight

Hold key for locking patient's weight

BMI function

TP2100/TP2110 (wireless) thermo printer compatible - print out all necessary information with one pressing.

Handle and wheels for easy carrying.

RS232 data transmit to PC

Optional TP2100 thermo printer and TP2110 wireless printer

SM2711 indicator stand

M1~M5 memory function for storing 5 sets of pre-tare weight

Adjustable rubber feet to adjust balance

Bubble level for level adjustment

Low profile platform

Product Specifications


300 kg


100 g


1150x800x66 mm

tray size

weighing area: 900x740 mm


34.5 kg

Power supply

Battery, Adaptor, Rechargeable battery pack (Optional)


Wheelchair scale with easy to step on platform and print out function

Data transmission

PC, TP2100 thermal printer, TP2110 wireless printer, USB


DP3700, DP3710


SM2711, TP2100, TP2110, ST-8236, Handrail set SM-3461(R), SM-3462(L)

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