Product Code: SC2060

Viper Scooter Red

Brand: Drive
DeVilbiss Healthcare

Viper Mobility Scooter

Having a top speed of 13kph and a maximum range of 40km, the Viper Mobility Scooter is not only a high-quality scooter but a great choice for longer distances as well.

The Viper has a number of features to ensure the user experiences a high level of comfort whilst using the scooter. Its seat is rotatable and designed for comfort. It also facilitates sliding and reclining, this allows the individual to adapt the chair to their comfort requirements. It has one-touch hydraulic tiller adjustment which allows individuals to position the steering to their unique needs. This feature, as well as the scooters delta bars, accommodate easy transportation, with the adjustable angle and flip-up armrests also helping with simple transfers on and off of the scooter. The headrest is also height adjustable to suit different heights.

It also has a number of features to accommodate the safety of the user, and to ensure that the scooter is easy to use. It has been designed with twin rearview mirrors, providing the individual with a high level of visibility. The rear wheels of the scooter have been designed with an anti-tip feature as standard, ensuring balance and security. The scooter also has an anti-rollback system, which ensures the prevention of the scooter rolling backwards on hills.

Additional cable brakes, which are hand-operated, are another feature for extra safety. The scooter also has a freewheel facility, which means that the user is able to move the scooter around without switching the motor on.

Having both a removable storage basket at the front of the scooter, as well as a large storage pocket on the back of the seat, this scooter provides a number of places for individuals to store their items whilst using it.

Overall, this scooter has state of the art controls and top quality features to ensure it is equipped to provide its user with a great experience. It has both all-round suspension, as well as 14 alloy wheels with black pneumatic tyres, features which both offer a smooth ride. It is supplied with 2 x 12v 50ah batteries.

This scooter will arrive at your door already tested, assembled and ready to drive as soon as you receive it.

Key Features

  • Suspension for optimal handling and a smooth ride
  • Adjustable features to suit individual requirements
  • Comfortable
  • State of the art controls
  • High level of safety
  • Storage options


  • Length: 143cm (56")
  • Height: 132cm (52")
  • Width: 56cm (26")
  • Max Gradient: 8°
  • Weight: 120kg (264lb)
  • Max Capacity: 160kg (25st)
  • Length: 143cm (56″)
  • Height: 132cm (52″)
  • Width: 56cm (26″)
  • Max Gradient: 8°
  • Weight: 120kg (264lb)
  • Max Capacity: 160kg (25st)

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