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Tru Trac Traction unit


Lumbar and cervical traction unit Tru-Trac®


Traction machine of static, intermittent, and cycling offers treatment rest times and defined hold.

Set of 10 User-defined protocol slots to store customized settings built in. A digital monochromatic touch screen interface moves 270º motion.
Convenient storage treatment parameters, pain scales, and pain maps on Patient Data Cards for monitoring.


Chattanooga Clinic Traction provides clinically-proven pain treatment that gets to the root of Cervical and Lumbar Pain, allowing clinicians to mimic the feel and effectiveness of hands-on treatment using fully programmable pull patterns.

Relieves pain and restores function by mobilizing the muscles, ligaments and joints decompressing the nerve roots and distracting intervertebral discs

  • Reduces Disc Pressure
  • Relieves Nerve Root Compression
  • Improves Blood Flow
  • Relaxes Muscles

Graduated static,intermittent and cyclic tension options closely mimic the feel of hands-ontherapy

  • Controlled, consistent & repeatable traction force
  • Ability to maintain clinically effective forces regardless of patient size
  • Quick and easy belting provides comfortable and stable anchoring
  • Multiple table adjustments to achieve ideal treatment positioning

A vital component in a comprehensive spine therapy program

  • Compliments manual therapy and other modalities
  • Applicable for acute, sub-acute and chronic conditions
  • Reduces physical demands on the clinician

Helps optimize patient flow efficiency in clinic

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