Product Code: FB2399

Smartball Egg – 65cm

Brand: Fitball

The unique “egg” shape of these balls offers a larger contact base with the floor, providing increased stability during use. Their oblong form allows two people to sit on the Eggball® at once. The Original Pezzi® MAXAFE® Eggballs are made of the exclusive flexton silpower® (patent) material. If used in accordance with the requirements contained in the instructions and warnings manual, they slowly deflate in the event of accidental damage caused by small tears or punctures, thus providing a safety factor to the user. They represent the ideal aid for those who want to perform gymnastic exercises with a ball safely and with the highest degree of stability.

Available in 65cm and black in colour.

The pump is not included, but you can buy it here.

Made with latex and phthalate-free PVC. All our products have a one-year warranty.

Note: As with any inflatable, this ball should not be used on any surface containing sharp, pointed objects due to the risk of punctures and bursts.

Please ensure that you use the correct pump to inflate the ball as advised above. If you use the incorrect pump, it may not generate enough pressure to inflate the ball to its maximum diameter.

  • Size - 65cm
  • Color - black

Made with latex and phthalate-free PVC.

  • Size – 65cm
  • Color – black

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