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Scanany 3D Foot Scanner with Laptop

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ORTHOTECH ScanAny 3D SCANNER for the Practitioner

Whether you use sub-talar neutral plaster
casting or are using impression foams, there is no reason why you can't use
ScanAny, a non-contact optical 3D foot scanner.

How much are you spending on your current
casting method?

What are your material, labour, postage and
handling costs?

Can you do without the clean up?

ScanAny is a low cost system that is easy to

A thirty-minute introduction is all it will
take to get you going.

You can move it from clinic to office or take
it with you to a house call because it weighs less than 1.5 kilogram. It is
sturdy and built to last.

Have you seen patients who are unable to sit
still while being casted? Have you ever seen an elderly person struggle to
stand correctly during a foam impression? The ScanAny system requires only
seconds to capture a perfect image in sub-talar neutral position, no matter
what the patients' age or condition.

From generating a patient's report to sending
data to the Orthotic fabrication lab, working with ScanAny is simple.

Four Steps

Once you have set up your patient's profile,
there are four basic steps before you can place the prescribed Orthotic in
your patient's shoes:

Step One

A practitioner holds the foot in sub-talar
neutral position, or required position. Foot data is captured in less than a
second. An accurate 3D model is generated with the ScanAny software. Data is
electronically transmitted to a lab.

Step Two

Lab receives the data and then modifies the
scan to prescription using a podiatric based modification software package
which is a CAD program (Computer Aided Design)

Step Three

Through CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture), a
tool path is generated for positive mould creation or the actual Orthotic is

Step Four

The finished Orthotic is sent to the

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