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Pro-Tec Ice Cold Therapy Wraps

Brand: Pro-Tec

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Small - Foot, Ankle, Leg, Elbow, Knee, Wrist - (HC2015)
Large - Shoulder, Back - (HC2020)

General Application:

  • Fill bladder with ice and wrap for effective ice cold therapeutic compression.
  • Two wide straps to evenly apply compression causing deep penetrating cold therapy relief.
  • Form fitting wrap remains flexible, conforming to your body.
  • Ice therapy expedites recovery of muscle tightness and soft tissue injuries


Applying ice to an injury is also referred to as cryotherapy. Icing is typically the first step in the process of recovery, primarily used in the acute or initial stages of an injury.

Icing should be used on sprains, strains, muscles soreness, hot/swollen body parts, and most pain after exercise. 

When these symptoms occur, cryotherapy combined with the R.I.C.E. principle (rest, ice, compression, elevation) is the recommended treatment.

Icing has two main effects on an injury.

First, ice slows down impulses travelling along nerve fibres, (nerve conduction), which helps block pain associated with the injury.

Secondly, cold on the skin creates a process called vasoconstriction; the blood vessels narrow, decreasing blood flow to the area and therefore reducing inflammation.

When pain and inflammation are reduced, it allows ROM (range of motion) exercises to begin, ultimately beginning the healing process and reducing swelling naturally. 

Do not exceed 20 minutes of cold therapy per application.