Product Code: OE3006

Pointer Pulse

Brand: Access
Access Health

The Pointer Pulse is the first all-in-one unit that combines laser therapy with electrical stimulation, allowing both methods of treatment to be used simultaneously or separately.

The device measures relative skin resistance at the treatment location through sound as well as a green light indicator found on the top of the unit.

Location sensitivity and sound level are adjustable.

An effective push button adjustable stimulation offers immediate treatment.

Based on the setting of the output dial, either milliamp or microamp current output is produced (ie, blue zone on the dial is milliamp).

Laser therapy is administered using a 650 nm, 5 mW laser contained in the device.

Three modes of treatment are available, selected by using a toggle switch located between the grounding plate and stimulation button: on (continuous laser beam), pulsed (10 Hz pulsed laser beam) and off (no laser beam).

The device is successfully in laser mode when the yellow light indicator on the top of the unit is on.

With its ergonomic design and single grounding plate, this device can easily be used with either the left or right hand.

Probe tip is removable for easy cleaning.

Accessories include a hand ground pole with attached wire, 9 volt battery, small screwdriver (for adjusting sound level), carrying case, and instructions.

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