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Pericalm Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulator



The Pericalm is a modern neuromuscular stimulator for Pelvic Floor.

The Pericalm is a modern neuromuscular stimulator for Pelvic Floor.

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Electrical stimulation
is particularly useful for anyone with a substantially weakened pelvic floor
who has difficulty contracting their pelvic floor muscles. It can act as the
first stage of an ongoing pelvic floor strengthening program, helping you to
re-establish your ability to identify and contract your pelvic floor muscles

Men can use electrical
stimulation with either anal or external electrodes, women can use it with
anal, vaginal or external electrodes.

EMS (electrical muscle
stimulation) units are widely used by physiotherapists in their practices and
the Pericalm brings the same technology to the privacy of your own home, in a
simple, user-friendly device.
The Pericalmis a high-quality unit, suitable for
personal use at home or in a health professional practice setting. It has 6
pre-set programs, designed to help with a wide variety of pelvic floor problems

The preset programs
mean that it is extremely easy to use. It's just a question of connecting your
preferred electrode, selecting your preferred program, and switching on.
Intensity can be controlled by the user, making the Pericalm an extremely
user-friendly device. In use, electrical stimulation creates a tingling sensation
that should never be uncomfortable.

PR pain relief2Hz, 175uS, 1 sec ramp, WORK cont, 25min

STR1 stress UI30Hz, 200uS, 1sec ramp, WORK 5sec REST 5sec,

STR2 stress UI35Hz, 210uS, 1 sec ramp, WORK 5sec REST 10sec,

URGE10Hz, 210uS, 1 sec ramp, WORK 5sec REST 6sec,

FURG frequency/urgency10Hz, 250uS, 1sec ramp, WORK 5sec REST 10sec,

PFW workout & lack of
2-30Hz sequential , 34min

MEM1,2 or3customisable programs 2-100Hz 50-450uS, 0.3-
9.9 ramp, work/rest 2-99sec but cannot be used on continuous, timer

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